Protection of the invention
simultaneously in 8 countries

The Eurasian Patent System allows obtaining protection of the invention simultaneously in 8 countries being parties to the Eurasian Patent Convention.

Eurasian patents for inventions are valid in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.


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from Alexander Leonov

  • Patent Attorney of the Russian Federation № 653,
  • Eurasian Patent Attorney № 235,
  • Member of International Trademark Association (INTA)
  • Director General of “IPPRO” company
  • From 2006 to 2014 – senior lecturer in economic law at the Russian State Economic University named after G.V. Plekhanov

    Payment by installments

    Filing fee is reduced, if the application
    contains an international search report

    Report prepared by an international search authority


    Report prepared by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property


    Calculate the cost of services,
    get discounts and benefits,
    ask questions about the size of fees:

  • Lyubov Sordia (expert of the patent department)
  • Elizaveta Naumova (lawyer of the international department)

    Simpler and cheaper

    No validation

    The procedure for obtaining a patent, which is valid in all countries being parties to the Convention, becomes much simpler and cheaper and includes a structured, well-functioning system of examination of Eurasian applications, ensuring high legal validity of the received Eurasian patent for an invention. The protection of rights of patent holders is harmonized within a unified patent space.

    This system does not require patent validation in countries being parties to the Convention. The procedure is harmonized with the procedure for obtaining a patent in Russia. Rospatent acts as a search authority. On the basis of a Eurasian patent you can apply under the PCT system. Of course, the system of Eurasian patenting has its limitations and features.


    Ask questions about
    the examination stages:

  • Olga Firsova (Lead lawyer of the International department)

    Economic benefits of filing
    a Eurasian application

    Validity of privileges on payment of fees for filing an application, examination and granting of a patent

  • Savings on translation of an application
  • Reducing expenses on patent attorneys’ services
  • Reducing expenses on paying bank services for fee transfer

    Temporary legal protection

    Terms of submission

    Temporary legal protection in the amount of the published claim of the invention shall be granted to the invention, for which a Eurasian application has been filed, from the date of its publication until the date of publication of the Eurasian patent, in the territory of all Contracting States.


    From the date of publication of the Eurasian patent, the patent holder shall have the right to demand commensurate compensation from parties who have used the claimed invention in the period of the temporary legal protection in accordance with the national legislation of the Contracting State.

    Decision on refusal

    Temporary legal protection shall not be deemed to have occurred, if a decision has been made to refuse to grant a Eurasian patent, the possibilities of appeal of which have been exhausted, or if the Eurasian application is considered withdrawn.


    You may ask the following persons questions about preparation of applications,
    obtaining reports and patents, patents renewal and maintaining:

  • Alexander Lisovskii (patent specialist)

    Filing of a Eurasian application

    An application shall be submitted in a form approved by the Eurasian Organization. An application for a Eurasian patent can be filed:

  • 1. at EAPO
  • 2. at the National Patent Organization
  • 3. on the EAPO website (recommended)
  • Editable application form has been improved

    Receipt of a Eurasian application by a national Office

    Upon receipt of a Eurasian application the national office shall:

  • 1. register the application
  • 2. set the filing date
  • 3. conduct verification of compliance with the requirements established by the EAPC and the Instruction for examination on formal grounds
  • 4. forward the application to the EAPO
  • Fees to be paid upon filing an application

    1. Unitary procedural fee

  • for claims of the invention after the fifth one
  • for claims of the invention after the twelfth ones
  • for claims of the invention after the fiftieth ones
  • 2. Additional fees

  • for untimely payment of the unitary procedural fee and claims of the invention
  • for untimely submission of a translation of the application into Russian
  • for untimely submission of a power of attorney
  • for claiming priority after the expiration of a 12-month period from the filing date of the previous applications
  • Ask questions about infrigments and forensic examination
    Alla Mishutina (patent attorney, head of legal practice department)


    The main stages of
    obtaining a Eurasian patent

    1. Submission of a Eurasian application

    Formal examination -—> Patent search -—> Record in the Eurasian Publication Server

    2. Request for substantive examination

    -—> Substantive examination -—> Grant and publication of a Eurasian patent -—> Maintenance of the Eurasian patent in force

    3. Objection to the grant of a Eurasian patent under an administrative procedure

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